WATCH: Food Bank clientele highest the Friendship Centre has seen

Pauline Mawer says the situation at the Food Bank is a critical point, where more people than ever are using it to try and survive.

“Sometimes people have to decide are my going to pay my rent or feed my kids,” she told Lakeland Connect.

“The groceries are so expensive. It’s hard for families especially now with school starting like how are they going to provide the snacks and the lunches.

“Last week I was low. I was down to nothing, I could make up pampers but there would be only beans or soup in there. I had some clients call me needing an appointment saying, you know, I’m not going to make it through the weekend, but I’m sorry, but I don’t have anything to give to you till after the weekend.”

She says every month there is roughly 20 new clients that are looking to access the food bank, usually adults with families. The prevalence of single seniors using it as well is growing.

Items they need include:

  •  Chef Boyardee/Can Pasta
  •  Cookies and Crackers
  •  Juice Boxes
  •  Peanut free granola Bars
  •  Hamburger/Tuna Helper
  •  Canned Fruit & Fruit Cups
  •  Breakfast Cereal
  •  Coffee/Tea
  • Instant Noodles
  •  Canned Meat, such as chicken,
  • ham, tuna and turkey
  •  Jam
  •  Rice
  •  Shelf life milk/canned milk
  •  Pudding snacks for lunches
  •  Peanut Butter

For more information on donations, drop-off locations, volunteer opportunities, and general information, contact the Bonnyville Friendship Centre at 780-826-3374 or email

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