WATCH: Over 3,000 take in Glendon Demolition Derby

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Record crowds assembled to watch over 40 derby car and truck drivers settle their legalized road rage in the ring at the Glendon Demolition Derby on Saturday.

The rain stayed away for the most part as an overwhelming number of drivers from Glendon, St. Paul, Mallaig, Fort Kent, and across Alberta rammed their rigs into each other in front of a packed group of spectators.

Alongside the ring, the mudbogs filled the pauses, alongside the halftime show of lawnmower races.

Organizers were overwhelmed by the support.

Glendon Ag Society president Ken Pshyk said this crowd could make them the biggest derby show in western Canada.

There was enough vehicles for four heats of derby cars and five heats of derby trucks.


This was part of the Glendon Derby car final, which had 3000 people in attendance, becoming perhaps the biggest Demolition derby in Western Canada #demilitionderby #Derby #westerncanada #Glendon #Alberta #northeast #Lakeland #laclabiche #coldlake #mudbogs #Bonnyville #stpaul

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Joe Johnson won the car derby and Trent Kucy won the truck derby.

The day began early in the village.

Amongst the pancake breakfast and vendors market, was the parade throughout Glendon that morning.

Kids were greeted with bags of candy.

While some tweaks are anticipated for next year’s show due to the increase in popularity and demand, they hope to see similar attendance numbers in 2024.

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