Greek Orthodox Church in Bonnyville’s remodelling earn visit from Bishop

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This beautiful Greek Orthodox church has been in Bonnyville since 1940.  With it’s age, the church was weathered and in need of great repair.

Stephania Zuk and her late husband Walter have always been key to this church.  This church was extremely important to them and numerous other families in the community.  Although this church did not always hold regular service, Stephania was destined to keep it going.

Every May a special service grave service is held to remember those that have passed away.  This year was extra special as we got a visit from His Grace Matthew, Bishop of Sourozh, Temporary Administrator of the Patriarchal parishes in the USA and Canada.

It is not customary for the Bishop to visit such a small church.  This visit was to commemorate all the hard work done to revive this church and give it the love and care it deserves.

Accompanying Bishop Matthew were Reverend Igor Kisil, Rector of St. Barbara’s Cathedral and Very Reverend Evgeniy Protsenko, Priest of nine parishes.  Both of these Priests have been to Bonnyville numerous times to hold services.

What an event to see all three hold a service together!

Stephania along with her son Nestor Zuk (Linda), daughter Paulette Levasseur (Louise) and grandkids Nicole Staple (Eric): cleaned, painted the inside and outside of the church, replaced the windows and carpet and got this church ready for another 100 years!

There have been numerous others that have given their time, money and dedication to this service.

Submitted by Amy Zuk.

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