Government of Alberta Proposes Alberta Signing Bonus to Address Skill Shortages in Lakeland Area

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Alberta’s United Conservative government is committed to fostering a conducive economic environment that garners trust from investors, provides ample opportunities for the workforce to flourish, and fosters desirable communities for its residents. With a focus on the growth and diversification of Alberta’s economy, the UCP is determined to create more job opportunities and propel the province forward. The Lakeland area is currently grappling with a shortage of skilled professionals in crucial sectors such as healthcare, childcare, and engineering.


To bolster the efficient functioning of childcare facilities, hospitals, and trade industries, the UCP is actively considering the introduction of a $1200 “Alberta Signing Bonus” aimed at attracting skilled workers to these understaffed sectors. While this proposed bonus is yet to be formally introduced and approved by the Legislature, its main objective is to incentivize highly skilled individuals to relocate to Alberta. If passed, this initiative could potentially increase the number of nurses and support staff in the Bonnyville-Cold Lake-St. Paul riding, catering to the pressing needs of the local communities.


The Alberta Signing Bonus is envisioned as a one-time payment targeted towards eligible skilled laborers who have already been residing in Alberta for a minimum of one year. To be clear, this bonus is only for currently unfilled positions, bringing in skills we desperately need. Taxes paid by the incoming skilled workers will wildly offset the one-time expense, bringing more money into the Alberta Treasury. This bonus is expected to significantly address labor shortages, complementing the Alberta Job Growth and Diversification Strategy formulated by the UCP.


As the MLA for Bonnyville-Cold Lake-St. Paul it gives me immense pride that the UCP is advocating for the needs and interests of rural communities like ours. As Alberta’s economy grows and diversifies, fostering a strong voice for rural concerns becomes even more vital. Initiatives such as the Alberta Signing Bonus reflect the Government’s dedication to ensuring that all regions of the province benefit from economic progress and development.


It is essential to highlight that the Alberta Signing Bonus is merely one part of a broader strategy to address skill shortages and bolster economic growth. The Government of Alberta remains committed to exploring multiple avenues to attract and retain skilled professionals, ensuring that critical sectors receive the support they require to thrive.

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