Frozen Jr gets brought to life at St. Dominic Elementary School

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It was a magical night on May 24 for Cold Lake St. Dominic Elementary School students as they held their opening night for the performance of Frozen Jr. 

The Gymnasium was packed and full of positive vibes as both the audience and students were laughing and singing together. 

Grades four to six have practiced rehearsing lines and matching harmonies over the last four months, leading to the big performance. 

“It’s so nice to see students show themselves that they are capable of something that you knew they were but they didn’t, there were a lot of lines that some students had to remember for their character and they did,” said Crystal Sevigny, Teacher. 

They came back to the stage on May 25 for a second performance and wowed the crowd once more. 

The last play took place in 2019 making this the school’s first post covid play which includes a group of students who have never been involved in one of the schools performances as they were only in grade three when the last one took place.  

“It required many volunteers including teachers, students, parents, and other dedicated staff and community members. We truly could not have brought this show to life without the efforts of everyone involved. Our school and our students are so grateful for everyone who helped make this show possible,” said Principal Jacqueline Densmore. 

“It showcased the power of the arts to bring people together, to inspire, and to create lasting memories.”

Four teachers in particular took part in directing, guiding, and helping the students through the months, Alexandra Shapka, Kimberly Barnes, Miranda Drew, and Sevigny. 

After both shows students were thanked for their amazing acting and hard work with standing ovations. 

“When students are involved in fine arts, it provides an alternative outlet for students to shine and grow in their own way, building confidence and cultivating feelings of satisfaction in accomplishment. It enhances their academic success, develops social skills, and creates an overall sense of unity,” said Densmore.

“Our musical provided a safe and supportive environment for students to express their creativity, improve communication skills, fostered a sense of community and created a love of learning and a sense of self-confidence that will benefit our students for years to come.” 

The school is in the process of welcoming back annual performances and is in the works of picking out next year’s theme.

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