Students share with LCSD Board during Engagement Session for new Light of Christ School

A group of students at Light of Christ Catholic School shared their thoughts and feedback with the Board of Trustees on Wednesday March 15.

Prior to the Student Board Engagement Session, students were provided a list of questions relating to the division’s Three-Year Education Plan Goals: Catholic Christian Identity, Student Success, and Equity and Inclusion.

Light of Christ is currently supporting student faith through daily prayer, social justice projects, and attending church regularly.

When asked what the Board could do to support students in growing their faith, one suggestion was having all grades attend church together instead of separating the younger and older students.

Light of Christ Students met with the Board of Trustees on March 15 to share feedback on learning at their school.


Also offering further opportunities outside of religions class to learn more about their faith and scheduling more retreats were other ideas.

Students appreciate their teachers taking personal time to help students with their learning, noting teachers often are available for study hall during lunch or after school.

Longer lunch breaks for the older grades, more athletics and club options, creating a Youth Liturgical Leadership (YLL) group, and a peer mentoring program were suggested by the students.

In terms of their mental, emotional, and social wellbeing, students highlighted the Mental Health Matters Campaign and other activities held at the school-level, such as journalling, which gives them time to focus on their mental wellness.

The school currently provides a second-language class where students learn French and Cree. The group appreciates being able to explore other languages and cultures.

When asked if their school is a safe and caring environment, participating students agreed they felt safe at their school.

Students were asked to share some of their highlights and suggestions with the Trustees.

Their leadership course, work experience program, assisting coaches, and other volunteer opportunities were some of the ways the students felt their school gave them a sense of citizenship.

Those participating in the session described a “family-like” atmosphere, which is felt in the halls especially leading up to recess. This is when older students can be found helping younger children with their coats, boots, and mittens.

Looking ahead, students would like to see more field trips for the older grades, longer lunch breaks, and additional extracurriculars.

Students said the family-like atmosphere at Light of Christ provided a safe learning environment.

The Board is meeting with student representatives at each school and will be hosting their next engagement session on April 12 at Assumption Jr/Sr High School.

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