Town of Bonnyville Town Council updates old Bylaw and approves road widening project

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Bonnyville Town Council met last Tuesday to discuss updates in the current Garbage Bylaw and approval for a street widening project.

The current Garbage Bylaw No. 963-87 was initially created in 1987 was in need of an update as it no longer addressed the current method of pick-up using carts. 

Proposed changes involved replacing the old Bylaw with a new updated Bylaw to match current operations, vocabulary, and updated fine amounts to current values were proposed. 

Details include updated collection methods from the back-lane method, and increased weight restrictions from the old garbage can weight of 25 kg to 80 kg for carts. 

“Timelines and how we pick up the garbage and our rates and anything to do with waste disposal has changed drastically when we look at the regulations since 1987,” said Elisa Brosseau, Mayor of the Town of Bonnyville.

“It just needed to be modernized and brought up to speed.” 

The proposed new Bylaw No. 1543-23 will have the effect of repealing the old Bylaw 963-87. 

Bonnyville Town Council has approved the first reading of No. 1543-23, Solid Waste Bylaw.

Approval to widen 39A Street 

The Town received a request for a decision in regard to widening a current lane and making it into a functioning roadway.

Off of 50 Ave is where 39A street is located in between the new 7-Eleven and Ashlin Gymnastics. 

“It’s a lane yet there are so many residents who live in that area who use the lane as a road,” said Brosseau. 

“Now that the approval has been made it will be up to the administration to get all the engineering done, probably happen this summer when the construction season happens.”

Approximately 0.32 acres of property will be used to facilitate the widening. 

The land is currently zoned as a Recreational Vehicle Park District and will remain so. 

The widening will provide better access for future developments in the area.

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