GREY MATTER: Liberal Gun Control What is the real end game?

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“Socialism: Ideas so good that they have to be mandatory.”

– Unknown

A Short History of Canadian Gun Control

The history of gun control in Canada has demonstrated that it has been largely ineffectual in terms of reducing firearms related crimes. Rifles and shotguns are relatively easy to obtain, while handguns and semi-automatic rifles are restricted. The Criminal Law Amendment Act was a gun control law passed by the Pierre Trudeau Liberals in 1977. Several studies have found that it had no impact on reducing homicide and robbery rates, and one such study even found that it may have actually increased robberies involving firearms.

In 2012, another study looked at gun control laws passed in Canada between 1974 and 2008. It found no evidence that these laws had a beneficial effect on firearm related homicide rates. According to the study, other more salient factors were found to be associated with homicide rates, such as median age, unemployment, immigration rates, poverty, population per police officer, and incarceration rates.

A 2013 study of the 1995 Firearms Act reported little evidence that it significantly reduced rates of lethal gun violence against women. This was the principal demographic identified by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in his press conference announcing his Government’s 1 May 2020 Order in Council banning 1,500 kinds of military style semi-automatic rifles.

In typical virtue signaling fashion, this announcement came on the heels of highly publicized deadly shootings in Nova Scotia. A subsequent study of the details of this Order in Council revealed that both the scope of the ban and of the Government’s obsession with disarming Canada’s civilian population are much broader than they appear. More recently, the Trudeau government has instituted a misguided program to have Canadians surrender their guns in exchange for cash.

The question then is, given a clear historical record showing the lack of a causal nexus between gun control and crime reduction, why is the Liberal Government so intent on taking firearms out of the hands of law abiding Canadians?



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