Community Grant dollars go down in St. Paul

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It’s a tightening of the belt.

St. Paul’s Committee of the Whole met last Thursday to discuss budget implications, after passing the interim document before the end of 2022.

One of the areas being rolled back was the Community Grant Policy and council members worked to get leaner in how much they’re willing to give to non-profits.

“I previous years, it’s been up to like $32,000 and we would support not for profits in operating. And we went from $32K to $10K,” Mayor Maureen Miller said. 

“That’s huge. And maybe we cut the knife too deep, I’m not quite sure. But I know that people say, ‘well just cut a position or cut a whole to ensure a balanced budget.’ But this is us all taking it on the chin for a year and seeing where we fall out after the end, because this is our tightest year. And I keep saying that. Hopefully this is our tightest year, but we expected this year to be here.” 

The final decision will be passed at an upcoming council meeting.


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