UCP vote “closest nomination in provincial history”

It does appear like every vote counts. 

The United Conservative Party nomination election for the riding is the closest in provincial history, says the constituency association president, Ron Young. 

Conservative voters took the polls from Saturday to Monday in Bonnyville, Glendon, Cold Lake, St. Paul and Elk Point to decide between incumbent MLA David Hanson, Scott Cyr, or Greg Sawchuk. 

But no victor has been announced as of Tuesday morning and it is believed to be within as close as one or two votes. 

“What’s happened is, this is the closest nomination in the history of the province,” Ron Young, constituency association president for Bonnyville-Cold Lake-St. Paul told Lakeland Connect on Tuesday morning. 

“It’s just out of respect for the dignity of the candidates that we don’t want to make any premature announcements.” 

Three counts of the votes were undertaken in St. Paul on Monday night. A total of 723 votes were cast of roughly 1500 UCP members in the riding. 

The ballots were asked to rank each candidate 1-2-3 in a preferential style. 

Each candidate can launch an appeal within the next 48 hours, which would likely involve another count and review on the vote. 

“We just absolutely have to guarantee that the winner has 50 per cent plus one support,” said Young. 

The ballots are being taken to Edmonton on Monday morning which will be handed to the Head of Nominations for the party, said Young. 

When precisely a winner of the election will be announced is unclear.

More to follow.

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