Diwali Night returns to Cold Lake this weekend

A celebration of Indian culture and various ethnic traditions will be on display this weekend in Cold Lake.

Diwali Night hosted by the Lakeland Multicultural Association (LMA) is back for its fifth year of food, performances, and culture on Saturday at the Cold Lake Agriplex.

“The Multicultural Association focuses on the diversity of the Lakeland regions. So it’s just kind of a celebration of multiple cultures and so it’s just a platform for everyone to show their diversity and their culture within the Lakeland region,” said Alisa Sterlley. 

The LMA has been around since 2018 formally as a local non-profit, but Diwali Night has become an annual staple, with great support from the community.

In India, Diwali is perhaps the most important holiday of the year and derives its name from the clay lamps hung outside of homes to symbolize the inner light that protects from spiritual darkness.

This year’s event will be a showcase of not just Indian culture, but also Filipino dance, Ukrainian dance, as well as a mariachi band from across Alberta and Saskatchewan. Bring an empty stomach as the evening includes a feast that this year includes South Indian tastes as well as North Indian flavours. Along with appetizers, samosas, there will also be Punjabi sweets. 

“We are calling a Diwali night because it’s around when actual Diwali is in India. I think we’re about 20 days late. But organizing events, it takes that much time. So we are focused on multiculturalism on the event day,” said Kiran Braich. 

Visitors are not required to wear Diwali related clothing. Instead, you can wear what you like, or something from your own heritage.

Tickets for Saturday’s event will be are available at www.lakelandmulticultural.org or through their social media pages until Thursday. Nap Liquor on both the north and south side of Cold Lake, as well as Furniture Galaxy, will have tickets on hand. 

Lakeland Connect’s own Caitlyn Bush will be emceeing the event.

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