Portage’s EMR, PCP and ACP programs by full approval by Alberta College of Paramedics

Portage College’s Emergency Medical Responder, Primary Care Paramedic and Advanced Care Paramedic programs have been granted the highest possible accreditation and been given full approval statuses by the Alberta College of Paramedics.

The accreditation for full approval statuses for Portage College’s PCP and ACP programs for six years (until 2028 and the EMR program for 3 years (until 2025) shows the extraordinary efforts made by Portage College staff and their continuous drive for excellence in these programs.

The Alberta College of Paramedics assessment is that Portage College continues to prepare graduates in a manner that meets the College’s rigorous education standards. The Program Review Committee offered very favourable assessments of Portage’s paramedicine programs.

Some of the highlights of their review include knowledgeable instructors and strong support from employers, preceptors, and students.

“Program approval of 100% is achieved through the hard work, extraordinary efforts, and ongoing dedication of an immensely passionate, competent, professional, talented team, who view excellence as a priority. The Paramedicine team works hard to provide each student the individualized support they need to meet their unique needs, to model professional excellence and to ensure program and curriculum quality,” said Shona Hommy, Associate Dean, Health and Wellness.

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