Ground Sweeper Willie will be cleaning the pavement in Cold Lake today

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Ground Sweeper Willie is ready to hit the streets.

Street sweeping in residential neighbourhoods in the City of Cold Lake begins today.

The city says signs will be placed at neighbourhood entrances at least 24 hours before sweepers arrive.

The City of Cold Lake would like to remind residents to please move your vehicle off the street on your assigned day to avoid a potential ticket.

There are a few things residents can do to help ensure our street sweeping crews can get in and out of your neighbourhood quickly and keep our streets clean and accessible for everyone:

  • Remove your vehicles from the street on your assigned day. Signs are posted at the entrances to neighbourhoods at least 24 hours before crews arrive. When vehicles are left on the street, it causes delays to maneuver around them and leaves an unfinished section of the street.
  • Remove driveway boards or ramps on your assigned day. They can get caught in the machinery and cause damage and costly delays.
  • Avoid streets where our crews are working. The less traffic and congestion we have to deal with, the faster we can get in and out of your neighbourhood.


To see the sweeping schedule and map, visit

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