Town of Bonnyville Council Highlights

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Town of Bonnyville

Council Highlights

Regular Council Meeting

Sept. 28 & Oct. 5


Council awarded Phase C of the 66th St. Trail to E-Construction for the amount of $749,324 during their Oct. 5 Special Meeting. The 2021 Capital Budget included Phase A and B to extend the trail to the dog park, with the remaining portion that would go to Gurneyville Road in 2022. The original budget for the first two phases of the project were budgeted for $1.08-million and was awarded for $480,200, which was 64 per cent under budget. The favourable construction conditions through the West wetland, combined with unusually dry conditions this year, are a few reasons for the preferred pricing. Costs for Phase C came in at $749,324 and that brought the whole project budget to $1,229,524. With a $30,000 contingency in place, the project total comes to $1,259,524. That is $172,442 over the budgeted amount for the work that would happen in 2021. Phase C was originally budgeted to be completed in 2022 for $600,000. Due to cost savings, that amount can now be used for other capital projects.


The Sept. 28 meeting marked the first for this year that saw local groups and non-profits make presentations to Council requesting financial assistance for the upcoming year. The Bonnyville Curling Club requested continued funding of $20,000. The Bonnyville and Distract SPCA asked Council to continue funding their ‘much needed’ services with an annual grant of $50,000. The Bonnyville Jr. A Pontiacs also had a representative join the meeting via Zoom, where they asked Council to continue to provide $15,000 to be part of the Community Ambassador Program that allows the team to lower ticket prices and to donate tickets to the Dove Centre. There will be more presentations in the coming weeks at future meetings.


Council provided second and third reading to the 2022 Residential Assessment and Supplementary Assessment Sub-Class Bylaw during their Sept. 28 meeting. The Bylaw divides the Residential Assessment Class into the following sub classes: Single Family Residential and Multi-Family Residential. The first reading of this bylaw was provided by Council during their Sept. 14 meeting.

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