Local 8 Yr Old Top Fundraiser for Lakeland MS Society

At 8 years old, Griffin Purdy is one of the top fundraisers for the MS society, in Canada. The young second grader, captained the fundraising team, MS Ain’t Purdy, which raised the most money, for the Lakeland MS Society, in the team category. Dad, James Purdy, says Griffin has really taken charge of the team and fundraising efforts.

Griffin Purdy

Griffin Purdy w/ Certificates of Recognition from the MS Society of Canada Photo Credit: MS Ain’t Purdy on Facebook

“He’s honestly coming up with more ideas to raise money,” James says he tried explaining this year they may not get as many donations as in the past, but Griffin isn’t buying into that, “I try to tell him it’s a slow year and it’ll be a tough year.” Not deterred, Griffin keeps coming back at his dad with different ideas, for events or fundraising challenges, that haven’t been tried to spark interest.

In 2015, Griffin’s enthusiasm, originality, and determination put him as the top fundraiser for the MS Society. “He received the award for Top Fundraising Team, and he is also, Top Fundraising Individual,” Griffin’s dad boasts his son’s awards; which were presented to the boy at a recognition night for volunteers and sponsors in St. Paul, on Thursday, March 17th. Team MS Ain’t Purdy received the top fundraising award, for the Lakeland chapter of the MS Society, raising over $53,000 last year and Griffin won the top individual fundraiser raising $13,110. James confirms, Griffin is team captain for the team for 2016.

Griffin continues to find ways to get his peers involved, in August, he came up with a really fun way to gain interest from kids, The First Annual Toy Car Show. It was held in conjunction with A&W’s Cruisin’ to End MS, in Bonnyville. Kids participated by bringing their favourite toy cars to the show and putting them on display. Each kid paid $1 to enter the show and there were awards for fan favourite cars. “It was totally his idea, he organized the event, he drew the poster and he planned it beforehand. We’re definitely going to do the car show again.”

“He gets it. He’s getting a lot more involved than last year and he’s really maturing,” James couldn’t be prouder of his son who took an interest in the MS Society because he’s always known it, explains James who was diagnosed with Multiple Scleroris in 2008, the year Griffin was born. “He’s grew up in this and is involved because we are. But now he’s coming up with his own ideas and doing things on his own. He writes letters, with the help of his grandma, each year.” James jokes that if his younger girls, Stella and Layla, start raising money, they’ll be no stopping team MS Ain’t Purdy.

James received recognition at the event and spoke to the crowd, “I had won a Development Award, a volunteer award for the MS Society in Canada.” The MS Society recognized two other individuals, from team MS Ain’t Purdy, who had raised over $10,000 last year.

Over 10K

Back Left to Right: Corrine Lotoski, James Purdy, Gail Plouffe Front: Griffin Purdy Photo Credit: MS Ain’t Purdy on Facebook *


The Annual Lakeland MS Walk will be held Saturday, May 7th in St. Paul. For more information on the walk, run, ride event, visit mssociety.ca.  If you’d like to support Griffin and his team, MS Ain’t Purdy, like them on Facebook! 

Purdy Family

Purdy Family: Stella, Griffin, Layla, James & Terina


*An early version of this article displayed the names Karylssa Koluk & Tracy Kolukin the second photo. LCN apologizes for the misinformation. It has been corrected to reflect, Corrine Lotoski & Gail Plouffe are in the photo

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