Tip a Pontiac: Great Service, Tremendous Cause

On Tuesday evening, twelve Bonnyville Jr A Pontiac players participated in “Tip a Pontiac” to help us raise money for people in need in our community. The players served restaurant goers at MR MIKES Bonnyville and donated any tips they made during the evening to the local food bank. Manager for the MR MIKES Bonnyville,  Ashley Hunter, says “it was a terrific night!”

“As the Family Restaurant Partner of the Bonnyville Pontiacs, MR MIKES staff donated all tips towards charity and we are thrilled to announce that $1389.55 will be donated to the Bonnyville Food Bank,” explains Head Coach of the Pontiacs, Rick Swan. “The players ‘job shadowed’ the fine staff of MR MIKES for the evening and had an opportunity to get a great appreciation of what the hard working employees do each and every single day.”


MR MIKES staff was very welcoming of the young men, Ashley Hunter, manager of MR MIKES says the team worked hard for the tips they received. “The Pontiacs worked really hard and brought a great energy to the event. Our servers had a great time working with the Pontiacs and we are thrilled we were able to raise a lot of money for such a tremendous cause.”

The twelve Pontiacs who participated in the event were: Ben Mack, Carter Rhine, Derek Brown, Zach Mills, Bryan Gerstenfeld, Chandler Klien, Chasetan Braid, Brandon Whistle, Charlie Gawlicki, Olivier Charest, Gunnar Neilsen, and Ryan Piche.


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