Duclos Students Celebrate 100th Birthday

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The students at Duclos Elementary celebrated a very special birthday on Friday, the school’s 100th! Students learned about the history of the school, the cultures that have influenced the school over the century and participated the biggest birthday party the school has seen yet. Principal Richard Cameron says the students had a blast watching special performances, playing games, and eating cake.

“It was a great party,” says Principal Cameron, “it was a fun atmosphere, as a birthday party should be! From my point of view, being up at the front during the celebration, I was really happy with it. I was happy with the variety of entertainment that we had that we were able to showcase.” The school invited First Nations Pow Wow dancers from Kehewin, the Ukrainian Dance Club, Kryla, and the famous Bonnyville Skipperoos, a club which originated 30 years on the Duclos gym floors. The BCHS band was also on hand to provide some uplifting music during the party and bring back the Duclos School Song.

“The kids were so excited, they each received a gift, a Duclos School wrist band,” students also received cake and cupcakes, says Principal Cameron. After the celebration students participated in games that had to do with the number 100, which made for a unique experience.

Jordan Gadwa Performs “Chicken Dance” at Duclos 100th Birthday Celebrations

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Jayda & Jesslynn Gadwa perform “Fancy Lady” at Duclos 100th Birthday Celebrations

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The Bonnyville Skipperoos- The Skipperoos were formed 30 years ago at Duclos School

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Kryla Ukrainian Dance Club – students in this performance all attend Duclos Elementary

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The school will be hosting a reunion this July 30-31st in Bonnyville. On July 30th there will be a banquet at the Centennial Centre and the following day the public will be invited to the school for an Open House and Reunion Celebrations. The event is open to the public, Duclos encourages anyone who has been impacted by the school, whether they attended or taught, had family who attended or taught or had children who attend to come to the event. For more information visit Duclos Elementary online or Facebook.


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