Bonnyville Snow Removal

People are reminded to watch for snow remove signs and to take note of the time and date on the sign. The time and date will indicate when a road will be plowed, and serve as notice to have any vehicles parked on the street to move to another parking locations.

Vehicles must be removed from the side of streets when the snow plow clears the roads, regardless of whether or not the vehicle is parked in front of a person’s residence. The snow plow needs to be able to scrap up close to the curb and cannot maneuver around vehicles. Vehicles that are not removed from a snow plow route will be towed at the owner’s expense.

Here is a list of the Town of Bonnyville’s snow plowing priorities

Snowfall where roads are blocked: roads will be cleared in the following order:
1.  Emergency service sites, entrances and routes; and airport
2.  Arterial and collector roads
3.  Business sections, school zones and routes
4.  Municipal facilities and access routes
5.  Residential roadways
6.  Lanes

Snowfall where all roads are passable:
1.  Airport and emergency routes
2.  Business sections, school zones and routes
3.  Arterial and collector roads
4.  Residential roadways
5.  Emergency service sites
6.  Municipal facilities
7.  Lanes

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