William Cross Receives 9 Months Probation for Cold Lake Mosque Vandalism

William Cross, of Cold Lake, has pleaded guilty to criminal mischief for the vandalism of the Cold Lake Mosque.  At some point during the night of November 27 and into the morning of November 28, 2015, the 19 year old vandalized Cold Lake’s CIBC, and the local Mosque.

The words “Go Home” were written on the front door of the Mosque and “Catch Me If You Can” was written on an inside wall in the ATM vestibule, both with an orange marker.Thanks to one officer’s diligent review of video surveillance, the Cold Lake RCMP were confident in their arrest of William Cross, less than a week after the vandalism.

The investigator in this case did an exceptional job and spent lots of hours reviewing video surveillance, from businesses from all throughout the downtown. The officer spent hours on this, and even came in on his own time and went through hours of video footage. Eventually we were able to ID the suspect through the video surveillance – S/Sgt Jeremie Landry Cold Lake RCMP Detachment

By pleading guilty, on January 13th, 2016, Cross has received a suspended sentence (probation) of 9 months, as well as, 50 hours of community service.

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