Elk Point Looking into Cost to Replace Eco Centre Outdoor Lights

The Elk Point Chamber of Commerce had sent the Town of Elk Point a letter in regards to outdoor, street lights, that are consuming a lot of electricity. The Chamber, who manages the Eco Centre, where the lights are located, would like the Town to replace the lights so they are more energy-efficient. Councillor for the Town of Elk Point, Lorne Young, says the Town hasn’t agreed to replace the lights, but they will look into the cost-benefit of the project.

“There’s a couple of lights that are consuming a lot of power,” Councillor Young explains the Chamber President, Jonny Nielson sent the Town a letter to make them aware of the issue, “he’s wondering if we have any plans in place to put more efficient lighting in.”

“We directed [Town] administration to contact [Nielson] and get a quote on what it would cost to replace the existing lights with LEDs and an install price,” Young says once the Town receive a quote from the Chamber they will be able to move forward from there and decide if the cost of replacing the lights is balanced by the benefit of doing so. “We didn’t agree to do it or how we would fund it. We simply wanted a quote on what it would cost and we’ll make a decision after that.”


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