Crib Tournament to Benefit Revitalization of Pyrogy Park

Known for the World’s Largest Pyrogy, the Village of Glendon, is keeping the pride of the dumpling alive with plans to give the statue honouring the delectable Ukrainian dish a face lift. The Pyrogy, which is over 30 years old, needs some retouches to maintain the aesthetics. The Village also plans to install a new playground at Pyrogy park, as well as, an outdoor ice rink. Mayor of Glendon, Laura Papriny, says the real work will come in the upcoming year.

“We are awaiting landscaping plans and will be budgeting for revitalization plans in the coming year,” reports Mayor Papriny. The MD of Bonnyville had announced early this year that they would be contributing $100,000 to the revitalization project. Design ideas include wheelchair accessible washrooms and an updated picnic area, along with a skating oval for the winter and a playground for kids.

“The Glendon Playground and Parks Society have recently received a CFEP grant for playground equipment of $41,000,”Mayor Papriny says there’s still a lot of fundraising needed to see the project through. “They are having a fundraiser for additional funds for playground equipment in January.”

On the 23rd of January the group will be hosting a crib tournament at the Glendon Senior’s Centre, from 4-10pm. Entry fees are $20/person, supper is included. Interested players need to RSVP by Jan.16 to Terry at (780) 635-4118.

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