Bonnyville Library Talks Expansion

The Bonnyville Library programming has been so popular in the community, that the library is looking to expand its programs, hire additional staff, and potential expand the building. Mayor of Bonnyville Gene Sobolewski explains library representative Ina Smith was in front of Council and displayed the success the library programming has had and the need for another part-time employee; as well as long-term ideas for expansion.

“It’s so well-received, that the library is looking at hiring an additional half-time person,” explains the Mayor, “there’s just so many kids, they need additional help.” While having Council’s hear, Mayor Sobolewski says the library was able to bring up a study that was done in 2006, which determined there was a need for expanding the building. “There was an analysis done and basically, they’re running out of space .”

The study came back to show that an expansion would cost $950,000; it wasn’t distinguished whether that was 2006 dollars or present-day cost says the Mayor. “It equates to about 1600 square feet.”

“The Town is going to up-date the 2006 study and see whether or not the space is still required,” Mayor Sobolewski says since the study was done nearly a decade ago the Town required that it is updated and reviewed further before any decisions would be made.

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