Financial Literacy for all Stages of Life

If you’ve recently engaged, getting married, just married, or maybe about to have a baby, you’re probably staring at a long “grocery list” of things that need to be paid for… and you’re probably wondering how that’s gonna work.

The Cold Lake FCSS is hosting a financial literacy night aimed at helping people going through transitional stages in their lives deal with how to prepare financially. Jonathan Berube, Member Relations Coordinator for the Lakeland Credit Union, will be presenting the event in a fun-laid back atmosphere. The goal is for people to take something away from the evening, not feel like they are in school.

“it’s for people in various life stages,” Jonathan explains the evening, Managing Your Money, “you don’t know what to expect until you’ve done it. Like you’re never going to know what it’s like to have a baby, until you have one. We want to take some of that pressure off. So we’re going to help you, so you know how to save and manage your money for these life changes.”

The evening is three hours and will touch on many financial issues that people will be faced with through life; including post-secondary education, weddings, RRSPs, RESPs, having a baby, saving for the child, and managing money through all of life’s transitions.

“Everyone is going to take something away from the course,” Jonathan says he’s done many nights like this and they are always receive great feedback.

Managing My Money - Oct 2015

The evening is free, thanks to Lakeland Credit Union, but they do ask participants to register by calling the Cold Lake FCSS at 780-594-4495.

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