Improvements to 69 Avenue in Cold Lake

City of Cold Lake Council approved improvements to 69th avenue at August 25th council meeting. Mayor of Cold Lake Craig Copeland says that area of Cold Lake is growing quickly and the City wants to improve the road before the area grows too much.

“The area north of Tim Horton’s, in Cold Lake North, that goes up to the museum,” is the road that will be improved, says Mayor Copeland. “What we’ve done is extended the length of that road, because we have a major housing sub-division on the south side of 69th that’s moving quite quickly.”

The City will pay to extend 69th avenue up to the property line of the MD of Bonnyville’s land. “It’ll improve most of the road going up to the museum,”explains the Mayor. Most of the money for the project will come from off-site levies money.

City Council also approved upgrades to several service roads during the meeting. “We’ve added a few roads to our 2015 service roads,” Mayor Copeland says, “so if you were to drive into Cold Lake, you’d see one of those projects going on right now in front of the middle school.”

Copeland says the City will improve roads around the Walmart area, “those roads around Walmart are getting very used, they’re in pretty rough shape.” The Mayor says the price was right to go forward with improvements, “we got a really good price on a contractor, so we’re just allocating a little more money, so more work can get done in 2015.”

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