Jr A Pontiacs Coaches Have Some Tough Decisions to Make

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Over the past few days hopeful young men took to the ice all with one goal in mind, make the Jr A Bonnyville Pontiac’s roster. The conditioning camp wrapped up with the annual Romanchuk cup, an inter-squad game that helps the coaches see what the team would look like. Now onto the tough decisions.

This afternoon player placements will be made for the team, says assistant coach Larry Draper. “The players are making it very difficult in our decisions and the camp has been the best I’ve seen in the last three years.”

Draper is part of a five man team that’ll take the whole weekend, as well as Monday night’s Romanchuk Cup and Tuesday morning’s black – white inter-squad rematch game into consideration when finalizing the roster. The other four men include Director of Player Personnel, Jeff Tetz, Assistant Coach Mark Jensen, Craig Cuthbert, and Head Coach Rick Swann.

The five men discuss all aspects of the last week, but it comes down to the head coach, says Draper. “At the end of the day, Coach Swann has the last say, but most times we’re always in agreement.”

The final roster won’t be set for a few more days, says Draper. The team will play out their first exhibition game tomorrow, Wednesday, August 26th at home. “We won’t have a final roster. The first game will be a lot of the newbies, the rookies, to get a chance to show us their stuff. I’m sure they’re all hopeful to have a great game and I think they’ll have a great experience, as well.”  7:30pm puck drop against The Whitecourt Wolverines at The Home of the Bonnyville Pontiacs, The RJ Lalonde Arena.



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