What’s New & Exciting at LCSD

Lakeland Catholic School District (LCSD) is preparing to head back to school August 31st, 2015 with some exciting new staff members, features and programs for kids.

Amanda Wildman, communications officer with LCSD, says Notre Dame Elementary School in Bonnyville will be greeted with a new face when students head back to school. “We’re pleased to have Mr. Scott McDonald joining us as Vice-Principal of the school,” Wildman says along with a new VP the school will have, “two new portables and they are piloting the iPad initiative with Grade 4 students this year.”

The iPad initiative, the first of its kind for LCSD, will all every single Grade 4 student at Notre Dame Elementary School to receive an iPad to use over the course of the school year. The students will also be able to take the iPad home and use it for homework or leisure activities outside of the school hours.

Wildman says staying technically advanced and offering studies in technology is important to LCSD. “We want to make sure we prepare our students for all the technology they will be faced with beyond school.”

LCSD received a great honour at the end of the 2014-15 school year when Dr. Brosseu Middle School in Bonnyville became Apple Distinguished School. “With Dr. Brosseau being an Apple Distinguished School, each student attending the school this year will receive an iPad,” Wildman announces.

The district is offering the iPad initiative to Grade 9 students entering Notre Dame High School as well. “We’re also piloting the iPad initiative with Grade 9 students at Notre Dame, we are really excited to be able to expand this program across the district,” Wildman explains that it is a goal of LCSD to have every student be able to have access to a computer and technology.

“We have a nearly 1-to-1 ratio of laptop to student ratio,” Wildman explains that every student at Notre Dame High School benefits from the district’s technology initiative.

If that has you excited to head back to school, you’re not alone. Wildman says enrollment at LCSD is “really looking good based on our June production and it’s holding steady across the district. We are really excited to open our doors for the another school year to welcome everybody back, returning students and new students, as well as staff.”

All of the LCSD schools are currently open for registration, with the first day of class being Monday, August 31st. Class supply lists can be found on the each school’s websites or by stopping by the school. Parents can also head online to lcsd150.ab.ca

Here are some tips from LCSD on getting the kids and parents prepared for school

  • Getting the kids into a routine by building good sleeping habits, start putting the kids to bed at school bedtimes and waking them at school wake up times a week or so before school to prepare
  • Make sure that your reading with you children and encouraging the children to have solo reading time
  • Exercising together
  • Selecting school clothing early, this way it won’t be a frustration the first day of school
  • Determining transportation preferences
  • Meet the teacher and take a tour of the school (Meet the Teacher Nights will be posted on LCSD website)
  • Making sure school supplies are ready
  • Parents set a positive tone with students about the return to school

For High School Students 

  • Check the school’s website for registration information
  • Consulting the career councilor for individual student course changes
  • Parents encourage students about getting involved in different sports and extra-curricular activities


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