Lac La Biche County Looking for Participants for Compost Program

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Lac La Biche County is looking for a sample group of household who wish to participate in a backyard compost program.  The pilot program has 40 spots available on a first come – first serve basis. The hope is to get households to install and maintain a backyard composter to create useful compost.

Some benefits of composting include

  •  useful way to dispose of yard trimmings and food
  • dispose of other household items such as oiled napkins, coffee filters, shredded paper, etc
  • produces high quality, free, natural fertilizer for the yard and garden
  •  reduce the need for chemical use in your yard and garden, and is also safer for children and pets
  •  reduces the amounts of methane and leachate produced by decomposing garbage
  • lowers operating costs on municipal sewage system


Lac La Biche County will provide all the necessary tools to get started, including the composter, kitchen caddy, resources (info brochures, etc.), and signage. There will also be a kick-off workshop to learn how to use the tools provided. Participants will learn how to install, use and maintain a backyard composter to create useful compost.


Participants must be willing to commit to composting for one year and live in Lac La Biche County. Participants should not already be composting and should have a desire to learn. Participants must also work with the County to measure and report on results.

Participants are expected to keep track of changes to waste production before and after joining the CORE program. This is to help Lac La Biche County compare how much waste is diverted by composting. County staff will check in -or a follow-up.

Anyone interested should visit Lac La Biche County online or call 780-623-1743

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